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About Artsy Bartender

Hospitality & Kindness

Tau!! My name is  Davíd León Jr.(Daveed Leh-own) aka Artsy Bartender. 

My preferred pronouns are he/him and I am a bartender, cocktail artist, and rum lover in the Windy City of Chicago.  I try to spread my love and knowledge every day with my guests, team members, and friends through the development of craft cocktails. 

Caribbean spirits and cocktails are huge part of my culture; a single sip of a cocktail reminds me of my family, our history, and our strong heritage. I try to continue upon the legacy of showcasing the type of flavor pairings that my people in the Caribbean have created, demonstrating our history reminding everyone how it was done and reminding them that all tiki is tropical, but not all tropical is tiki and my family and my people have/continue creating amazing Tropical Cocktails. 

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